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Webpage Design
Web Application Software
Web Hosting
You can promote your products and services through the Internet. The design, arrangement, programs application and design of the web page should allow flexibility to changing and processing the content of the web page. The processing time of the application programs in the servers should not be too long.
Waihing is experienced in web design and development. We are confident to provide professional services in updating, developing and planning of the web page.

Colleges and organizations can promote their activities to students, parents and the public through their own web page. Students can get their own examination results and information, organize newsgroup, discuss and research the topics they are interested in through the colleges' web pages. It can also enhance students' creative and thinking mind. This can also be the communication tool among students, parents and teachers.

HK$300 Computer reparation
Intranet Cabling HK$488
Server Security Check HK$1,600
Webpage Design HK$2,200
Office Personal Computer HK$4500
Monthly Network Support HK$1,500